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Emergency Equipment

Full Lighting Packages


For over 20 years, Cynergy Wireless Products has been an industry leader in the sale and installation of top of the line emergency equipment for Police, Fire , and EMS. Whether its an un-marked vehicle that needs to be low profile, or you want that thing to light up like a Christmas tree; Cynergy is no stranger to making that happen. If you are a department looking to have your municipal vehicles outfitted with a lighting package please give us a call and let one of our knowledgeable salesman get you started with a beautiful lighting package for your vehicle.

Prisioner Containment


Most prisoners are not exactly happy about being put in the back of your squad car. So officer safety is always a top priority when it comes to containing them for the ride to county. "Troy Products" partitions allow for the officer to have comfortable room up front as well as provide him with clear visibility of the prisoner via s sliding clear partition with a window barrier. We also are a "Ready-Buckle" dealer which allows us to provide the department and the officer with that much more safety when securing a prisoner in the back of his squad car. The ready buckle systems allows for the officer to quickly and easily, without reaching over the individual, fasten the seat belt around the prisoner effectively rendering him immobile.

Push Bumper/Pit Wraps

When you want to end a chase effectively and efficiently, this piece of equipment is your best friend. You need to be able to count on it when seconds matter. You need a quality piece of equipment for the job, and Cynergy has that. Setina, Westin, Pro-gard, whichever you want to go with. We also offer "Pit Wraps" which are designed to allow you to perform the PIT maneuver with much more ease. As well as added protection to the front of your vehicle, it also adds an intimidation factor in the right place.

Video System Integration


You can never go wrong with having a video system installed in your patrol vehicle. Its that added bit of security that can change the course of an investigation. Watchguard, L3, Panasonic, we do it all. With years of experience and skilled installers we'll make sure you're well protected. We also offer wireless download installation at your facility which will allow for your vehicle to automatically download the video of the patrol onto you departments server. Never have to worry about loosing the FlashDrive or forgetting to upload again.

Sound Off Signal

Pre-Assembled Vehicle Packages

Here is a few of our most popular packages that we have already pre-assembled for you. These kits are ready to be installed and will offer great visibility, as well as being able to clear traffic.

Whelen Responder 360* Bundle

Responder Low Profile Mini-Light Bar

Vertex Hideaways

Handheld Siren/Light Controller

Whelen 100W Siren Speaker

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 Whelen Ultimate Responder Package 

Whelen Liberty II 48" Lightbar

Cencom Sapphire Siren and Light Controller

Whelen 100W Siren Speaker

Headlight/Taillight Flashers

Dominator D6 

( 4 ) IONs Grille Mounted

( 2 ) IONs Side Warning

( 4 ) Vertex Hideaways

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