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TigerTough Tactical seat covers are designed specifically for law enforcement vehicles.  They fit tight, they don’t move around, and they’re airbag safe.  Built with 1000 denier Cordura because it has a higher abrasion rating than Kevlar. If you need any assurance, all of Tiger Tough Tactical Seat Covers are backed with a two-year warranty. 


Time is another area where we can make up a lot of ground for our customers. Rather than having a technician take a seat out of the car, take the seat to the upholstery shop, then put the seat back in after a few days, we can invest 15 or 20 minutes to install your seat covers while the seat is already out of the vehicle during a build and have the seat cover installed before the vehicle even leaves our shop ready for the road,when the car is new and not worry about it again until you’re ready to sell it.

We’re here to help you prevent your interiors from getting ruined, not just fix them after the fact (we can help with that, though).  By putting seat covers on your cars before they go into service, you can eliminate a problem that has been “normal wear and tear” for far less than what it’s been costing you to fix it.

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