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Whelen Engineering

Mag Mic

Keep Your Eyes On The Road At All Times



Thermal Imaging Camera For Night Operations In Your Department


Tiger Tough

A Seat Cover Designed Specifically For Law Enforcement

Cynergy Products offers top of the line equipment for your department vehicles! We contract with Whelen, Feniex, Havis, Troy Products, and many others all through the spectrum to offer you great pricing on equipment! We also back all of our installations with an industry leading warranty through the life of the vehicle! Click below to see more!


Looking to add some off-road lighting to your truck or SUV? Maybe you want to add a Truck Cap or a Tonneau cover to help protect some of your equipment that you keep in the bed? Cynergy Products carries a wide variety of different solutions to your problem. Vehicle lock boxes, Extendobeds, and brush guards are alsoavailable! Click below to see more!

Hytera DMR.JPG

Cynergy Products specializes in the sales, service, installation and repairs of all major two-way radio manufacturers. We have fully trained technical staff, experienced in engineering and installation of highly technical systems for large industrial, public safety and small business, and in house Radio Repair Service. Click below to see more!

Emergency Equipment
Vehicle Accessories
Two-Way Radios
Inotalock Logo.png

Cynergy Wireless Products, Inc is now a certified installer of Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Devices in the state of Michigan. If you have recently received a court order to have a system installed in your vehicle, contact us today to learn how we can help you get back on the road!


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